• Image of Cranberry Red and Cream Hat made from recycled felt

Make a big statement with this unique Russian inspired hat modeled after revolutionary Budenovka. This useful hat is stylish in fall, spring, summer, and winter. It's made in Red and Off-White colors with reversible ear flaps to customize your style. The flaps also unfold to cover neck in really harsh conditions or just for interesting looks. The hat is embellished with a nickel star and hammered buttons.

What better way to recycle trash than to wear it? These original hats are a recreation of a turn of the 20th century Russian Military hats called Budënovka, named so after Budënov Regimen. Their design is based on old Russian knight helmets but these ones are made from a very eco-friendly material, Eco-fi felt, a synthetic fiber produced from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.